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What is Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI)?

If you have recently been charged with an indictable crime, you may have heard about a program call "Pre-Trial Intervention" or PTI. This is an excellent program which was established in the State of New Jersey which allows offenders to receive the benefit of a dismissal of their charges, if they complete the program successfully.

Generally, only first-time offenders are eligible for this program. If you have previously been convicted of a crime, you likely are not eligible, and you also are not eligible if you have previously used a diversionary program (for example, a conditional discharge or a conditional dismissal). There are also certain offenses for which you CANNOT be admitted in the PTI Program - these are generally more serious offenses.

PTI recognizes that people can make mistakes and gives them the opportunity to demonstrate to a prosecutor and court that they are able to correct their behavior and are then worthy of having a clean record. It usually requires that you report to probation when required, potentially pass drug tests or comply with other treatment recommendations, stay arrest and offense free, maintain employment, pay any fines and/or restitution, and comply with other conditions as may be appropriate for your case. After a certain period of time, if you are compliant with the terms of PTI, you will be released from the program and your charges will be dismissed.

PTI is obviously a great opportunity. If you or someone you know has been charged with a crime, you should determine if that person is PTI eligible before making any decision to enter a guilty plea. An attorney can review your record and help determine if it makes sense to apply to the program.

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