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Representing Yourself In Court

A courtroom is not an easy place to be. There are many rules and procedures that are difficult for even attorneys and judges to keep track of and follow correctly! But this is especially true for individuals who are unfamiliar with the courtroom, the proper documents to be filed, and the various rules that apply to everything. However, there are cases where individuals will NOT be provided with an attorney if they are unable to afford one. Many people simply cannot afford the expenses associated with an attorney.

If this applies to you, you can still gain a lot of information to better understand what will occur and make sure you have followed all of the rules as best as possible. If you are going to represent yourself, you should look through the many forms which are available on the NJ Courts website. There may be a packet that applies to your precise situation. Most of these packets contain details instructions that you can carefully read to ensure your documents get filed and processed quickly.

Just because you are representing yourself doesn't mean you can't take the time to learn a but more about what actually applies to your case. You can browse blogs like this one to get more information, and you can look to the many resources provided by the State of New Jersey. The State has an entire "Self-Help" website with many articles that can help to better explain what will occur and what steps you can take to better understand the process. m

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