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NJ Speeding Ticket Points

If you have been charged with speeding in the State of New Jersey, you are facing the possibility of points being added to your driving history. The number of points depends upon how many miles per hour OVER the posted speed limit you were traveling and are as follows:

1-14 mph over = 2 points

15-29 mph over = 4 points

30+ mph over = 5 points

In addition to points, you will face fines and courts costs. The fines can also be increased if you were traveling in a safe corridor, construction zone, or on certain roads where the speed limit if 65mph. There is also the possibility of license suspension and/or jail time in those instances where a person was going VERY fast.

If you have been charged with speeding, it is important you understand all of the penalties associated with the offense, and also that you know how your driving history impacts those penalties. Call my office today to discuss your matter and determine the best way to proceed.

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