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New Jersey Third Offense DUI Penalties

A third offense Driving Under the Influence is very serious in the State of New Jersey. The penalties are severe and include mandatory county jail time. If convicted, you will be required to spend 180 days in jail, in addition to other penalties.

The penalties for a third, or subsequent, offense DUI/DWI in New Jersey are:

180 days in the county jail

10 year suspension of driver’s license

$1389 fines and costs

12 hours IDRC

Ignition Interlock for 1-3 Years

$1500 per year surcharge for 3 years

Judges do not have discretion with regards to the jail portion of a sentence for a third offense DUI. You must spend this time in jail. The only exception is that you may be able to spend up to 90 days (of the total 180) in an in-patient alcohol treatment facility.

Obviously, when facing such severe penalties it is important you understand your rights, and the responsibilities of the police, prosecutors, and judges who may be handling your matter. Contact our office for more information, as you will need a serious defense attorney.

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