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New Jersey Second Offense DUI Penalties

If this is the second time you have been charged with Driving While Under the Influence in New Jersey (and less than ten years have passed since the first time), you are facing much more severe penalties.

These include:

2 Year suspension of driver's license

2-90 days jail

30 days community service

$889-1,389 fines and costs

48 hours in the IDRC

Ignition Interlock for 1-3 Years

$1000 per year surcharge for 3 years

Once a second offense or greater is reached, it doesn't matter what your BAC is. If you are found to be operating while under the influence, you will face these severe penalties regardless of your alcohol level.

Even if you think you are okay to drive, you should make other arrangements! The penalties are too severe to risk, but if you are charged, contact our office for experienced representation.

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