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Child Custody Issues - The Children's Bill of Rights

It is incredible difficult when parents split up and then can't seem to get along. Children suffer in these situations, but parents and courts should do everything in their power to prevent this suffering. I like to introduce all of my client's to what has come to be known as the Children's Bill of Rights. Below is one version of this Bill of Rights - while many versions exist, the ultimate purpose of all is the same. In cases where it seems as parents are truly not getting along, I ask that a Judge make this document a part of the Court's Order with regards to custody and parenting time. Parents must be mindful that children are very observant and the actions of parents can have a lasting impact on child.

Please read through the following to ensure you are doing everything you can to protect your children in what is a very difficult process. If your feel the child's other parent is not behaving in a way that follows this, reach out to me so that we can discuss options to get that behavior back on track, and have everyone working in the child's best interest.

Children's Bill of Rights in Divorce

The right not to be asked to “choose sides” between their parents

The right not to be told the details of a bitter, nasty divorce

The right not to be told “bad things” about the other parent’s personality or character

The right to privacy when talking to either parent on the telephone

The right not to be cross-examined by one parent after visiting or talking to the other

The right not to be asked to be a messenger from one parent to the other

The right not to be asked by one parent to tell the other parent untruths

The right not to be used as a confidant regarding the divorce proceedings by one parent or the other

The right to express feelings, whatever those feelings may be

The right not to express certain feelings

The right to be protected from parental warfare

The right not to be made guilty for loving both parents

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